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Areas of expertise:

Engineering simulation
Structural analysis and validation
Virtual prototyping and testing
Design optimization
Finite element analysis
Computational fluid dynamics
Fluid-structure interaction
Naval architecture and seakeeping
Explosion and combustion modeling
Probabilistic mechanics and reliability
Blast analysis and force protection
Fracture and fatigue analysis
Damage tolerance and survivability
Smart materials and composite repairs
Underwater explosion analysis
Magnetic and acoustic ship signatures
Environmental and coastal engineering


Company Profile

At Martec, we give a lot of credence to the expression, “Fortune favours the prepared mind.” It sums up exactly how we serve our clients – by helping them better understand and predict the future performance of complex structures and systems, so they can ultimately minimize costs, reduce risk and improve performance and safety.

Martec is a leading Canadian engineering firm specializing in advanced engineering simulation technology for the design and analysis of complex structures and systems - such as ships, armoured vehicles, ports and harbours, and offshore structures. A pioneer in this field, Martec has delivered practical solutions to difficult engineering problems for over thirty-five years.

With a strong foundation in research and development, Martec provides multidisciplinary consulting services, engineering analysis software, and contract research services to clients in industry and government. Having successfully completed hundreds of projects throughout the world, Martec has earned an international reputation for superior technical expertise and client responsiveness. This extensive experience allows us to provide clients with proven processes, methods and techniques for managing projects and delivering engineering solutions.

Martec provides solutions to structural, materials and environmental problems using advanced engineering simulation software tools. From enhancing blast protection for military personnel and vehicles, to predicting the motions and stresses of ships in waves, or developing new methods for predicting structural fatigue, we help our clients achieve their goals of mitigating risk, enhancing performance or improving survivability.

Smart, practical solutions, a passion for solving difficult engineering problems and an insatiable technical curiosity. At Martec, we thrive on turning the most complicated technical challenges into solutions that work.

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